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     About RE-Energy     

RE-Energy is a division of DC Equipment, Inc. which was founded in 1986 and has grown to a company that sustains over $30,000,000 in Annual Sales. They specialize in producing automated conveyor systems for the poultry industry.

In 2013 DC Equipment realized there was a growing need among their clients for LED lighting services, this realization empowered DC Equipment the opportunity to diversify and open Re-Energy. Since that time, RE-Energy has developed a supplier chain that meets the needs of Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Education, and Government entities. RE-Energy not only helps it's partners better their light quality, they also help reduce energy and maintenance expenses too.

Why LED Lights

Simply put, LED Lighting is an idea whose time has arrived. Technology has advanced to the point that cost have come down to insure a quick return on investment fueled by energy savings and years of guaranteed maintenance savings. Most areas offer rebate programs that enhance the ROI and RE-Energy has the expertise to walk a project through, passing those savings on to our customers. Better light quality, up to 10 years of Warranty and up to 75% energy reduction adds up to a smart business decision. Early Intenders are jumping on board and realizing the savings now.

Unique business plan Keeps our prices below the competition

RE-Energy uses a simple business plan that makes a great deal of sense for our clients. Our mother company, DC Equipment, has in place and covers the expense for our shipping, receiving, accounting and insurance. With those expenses removed from the pricing equation, we are free to price at a much lower margin. There are no distribution centers or layers of management to add cost. Also, RE-Energy had a great deal of early success that assures us the best pricing from our manufactures. We have found that putting all those components into our pricing puts us in a very competitive position and provides pricing that our clients greatly appreciate!
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